PCII goal is to advance the rights and well-being of women across Africa by advocating for gender equality, dismantling barriers to empowerment, and fostering an inclusive society that recognizes and values the contributions of all.

Our Core Objectives:

  • Gender Equality Advocacy:

    PCI is raising awareness about gender-based violence, discrimination, and other issues affecting women, promoting a culture of equality.

  • Education and Skills Development:

    We want to promote equal access to education and skills development programs for girls and women and collaborate with educational institutions, community leaders, and partners to create lifelong learning and personal growth opportunities

  • Health and Reproductive Rights:

    Advocate for comprehensive healthcare services that address the unique needs of women, including reproductive health and family planning.Challenge societal norms that perpetuate harmful practices and contribute to women’s health disparities.

  • Economic Empowerment:

    Support initiatives that empower women economically, including entrepreneurship, vocational training, and access to financial resources.Collaborate with businesses and policymakers to create a more inclusive and equitable economic environment.

  • Ending Gender-Based Violence:

    PCI is working towards the eradication of gender-based violence in all its forms, supporting survivors and collaborating with law enforcement and judicial systems to ensure justice and accountability.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity:

    We advocate respect and celebrate diverse cultural identities while challenging harmful cultural practices perpetuating gender inequality. We also foster dialogue and understanding to promote cultural shifts towards gender equity.

A Future of Empowered Women, A Thriving Africa:

At Pointters International, we envision a future where every woman in Africa has the opportunity to live a life free from discrimination, violence, and injustice. By tirelessly advocating for gender equality and empowering women across all aspects of life, we strive to contribute to the creation of a continent where the talents and potential of every woman are fully realized, leading to the holistic development of societies and nations.